A smarter ventilation system.

Venteco with the new name of AIROBOT. Visit our website www.airobot.ee.

Smart. Energy efficient. Easy to use.

We couldn't find a ventilation system that satisfied us.
So we gathered a bunch of smart people together and we made one.

Why is it better?

Healthy indoor climate

A good ventilation helps you sleep well and heal faster, decreases drowsiness and improves productiveness.

Uses less energy

It knows when to increase or decrease airflow. It has an exceptionally efficient heat-recovery built in, so you waste less heating energy.

Easy to use

We always wanted it to be easy to use. You set your air preferences just once, and the system will keep them with the best efficiency it can. Smartphone access comes as a standard feature.


Healthy air in homes should not be a luxury. We work hard to make it as affordable as possible.

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